Other Products

Grattan have developed a range of products which can link with the Sage Accounting Software suite including:

  • Hire Performance:

    Handling all tracking and accounting needs for the Tool Hire Industry

  • SecurITy:

    Ireland's only software system developed specifically for Security Providers

  • Sage Statement:

    When standard Sage Statments are not quite what you need

  • Notifeye Messenger:

    Send bulk SMS text messages from the comfort of your PC






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  • Machine-Talk: Control Your CNC Over Your Network

    Machine-Talk allows the automatic download of CNC Program Files from a central File Repository. This function can be initiated using bar-code scanners.

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  • CNC Communicator: Connect To Your CNC

    The CNC Communicator allows a variety of standard input devices be attached to your Mazak CNC Controller

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  • Intelligent Shutdown: Reduce Running Costs

    Our Intelligent Shutdown system allows the controlled, sequential shutdown of cell componments as periods of inactivity are detected. Using this system will reduce energy consumption, increase the life expectance of the equipment within the cell and can be used to enable 'lights-out' operation. This technology can also be used to schedule warm up procedures prior to main-stream production runs.

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